EAGLE COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – Colorado is a very popular destination for camping in the spring, summer and fall. But what about winter? Right in the middle of a frigid Colorado winter people will still camp out.

It’s called extreme winter camping, and the landscape can be cold and downright dangerous to your health.

But the Rocky Mountains in February are exactly where you will find Jeff Franta and Sabrina Roberts.

“I wouldn’t consider this extreme though. I think because we’ve done it a lot. It’s not extreme for us,” Roberts said. “I think extreme would be camping in Antarctica, which is my dream destination.”

“I think extreme for us would be paddling in a birch bark canoe,” Franta said.

Camp Hale is Jeff and Sabrina’s destination on this trip in a very frigid February.  But why?

“Because I am secretly trying to murder him, just kidding,” Roberts said with a laugh.

Critically cold winter camping requires specialized equipment. A double-walled arctic tent, arctic sleeping bags, winter-rated boots and clothes are all must-haves. A reliable heat source is also vital.

“It can be very dangerous if you’re not prepared for it,” Franta said.

It is not only the cold they are prepared for, it is also the cuisine.

 “I’m making breakfast gravy and béarnaise, lemon curd béarnaise,” Roberts said.

What does tomorrow have in store? Franta and Roberts do not know. But that, they say, is half the fun.