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LONGMONT, Colo. (KDVR) — Born and raised on a cattle farm in Iowa, Ann Danielson has spent the last 37 years as an accountant. She needed to get back outdoors.

“[I was] sitting on a desk. Not doing much,” Danielson said.

Being outdoors in the sunshine and the rain was something Danielson wanted to get back to. Little did she know an alpaca would be her guide.

“The intrigue of raising alpacas was what gave me the opportunity to get back to my roots of growing up on the farm,” said Danielson.

Now, you will find Danielson at her happiest wearing her mud boots and a Carhartt coat.

Twenty-three alpacas from 6 months old to 20 years old call Danielson’s alpaca ranch home.

And no, they are not for eating. They are for wearing.

Danielson loves being outside with her alpacas. It gives her a “zen moment,” she explained.

“That zen moment. It just kind of relaxes you,” Danielson said. “‘OK, everything is good,’ you know?“