MORGAN COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Always breaking stereotypes and preconceived notions are best pals Donnelle Johnson and Lisa Thompson.

They are hunters. They’ve been chasing game side-by-side in Colorado for over 10 years.

“When we met each other, it was like hunt at first sight,” Thompson said.

But what about their husbands? Don’t they ever get jelly?

“I was told once I was living his dream. So I would say, jelly, maybe,” Johnson said.

Thompson said hunting with her friend is more than hunting.

“She is my best friend. She is very important to me. I love her like a sister,” Thompson said.

Hunting along the South Platte River

This morning, their adventures take them east of Denver on a stretch of land that hugs the South Platte River where they will pursue the elusive mourning dove.

Dove hunting in Colorado has been enjoyed by men and women, young and old, for generations. Every year on Sept. 1, they eagerly take to the field.

The lady nimrods are normally happy, with bow in hand chasing the mighty wapiti (elk) in the Colorado high country. Down here, it’s a little different.

“We call it the Serengeti. There are so many cool things. It’s completely different than being in the Rockies and the elk. Here, you see the whitetail to the turkey with the dove,” Johnson said.

At the end of the day’s hunt, Johnson and Thompson bagged enough birds for a tasty dinner.