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LITTLETON, Colo. (KDVR) — At first, you might think this is just a story about fishing. It’s really about how the love of the outdoors brought three generations of Coloradans together, and it all started with a line and a pole.

To the casual observer, it just looks like a couple of fishermen heading out on the lake to try their luck. Look just a little closer, and you will discover a love of the sport and a special bond between a father and his son.

“When he was a little guy, I was fishing a lot. So, I had him basically in an infant snap-in car carrier, sat him on the bank, and fished with him, 3 months old, 5 months old, maybe,” said Bryan Parr.

From the cradle to the creek. Now, Austin Parr fishes and guides out of an $85,000 tricked-out fishing boat. Austin has been, pardon the pun, hooked ever since.

“The outdoors as a whole has always been a passion of mine, and fishing as a whole, as well, really has always just drawn me with trying to figure out what the fish are doing in their natural ecosystem and then being able to fool them into jumping on your line,” said Austin.

It is a shared passion, inspired by Austin’s father Bryan. He was inspired by his father Edward. This has kept the father and son relationship stronger than a northern pike.

“We talk about his guide trips, we talk about his lures, we talk about the trips that he’s taken…well, he’s my boy,” said Bryan.

“Without him bringing me out in the field and introducing me with his knowledge base, I don’t think I would be where I am,” said Austin.

That would be part owner of Discount Fishing Tackle in Denver.

Austin has turned his passion into a means of support for his growing family which includes 9-month-old baby Clint who, keeping with the Parr family tradition, is just about ready to bait his own hook.

It is not so much about fishing as it is about family.