PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) — Zsanae Coleman is hoping to set an example and encourage others to focus on fitness.

“I’ve been (weight training) for 10 years, but competing for about six,” Coleman said before starting her workout.

Coleman’s muscular physique is evidence that she knows her way around the weight room.   

“I’m just really trying to get through each lift and I’m trying to make sure that when I come in here, I’m focused and working really hard,” Coleman admitted.

After navigating through a grueling weight and cardiovascular training schedule, she’s worked up an appetite. That schedule consists of two hours a day in the gym, five days a week for the last 17 weeks.  

“(I want to eat) a huge Five Guys burger and tons of fries,” Coleman joked.  “I will probably have five cupcakes and probably a doughnut.”

Coleman plans to flex her muscles in the figure division of the “Mile High Showdown” bodybuilding competition which takes place July 11 in Westminster.

“That’s my goal, first place and an overall win,” Coleman said.

She is entered in two classes of the competition: masters (35 years old and up) and open, which means she’ll be competing against women half her age. For this fitness fanatic, that’s a badge of honor.

“It really is. And it feels pretty good too,” Coleman exclaimed. “The last competition (I competed in), I got second place and the girl that won was 22 years old. So, I already feel like I won anyway.”

No matter where she places, Coleman hopes her heavy lifting inspires other women and men to hit the gym.