GEORGETOWN, Colo. (KDVR) — Imagine working someplace where it is always dark, damp and dirty. For one Coloradan, it is his dream job and he would not have it any other way.

It is pitch black, cold, and sloppy with mud and gold, but miner Paul Hintgen loves it.

“I grew up in Colorado and I always enjoyed Colorado history and mining is a big part of Colorado,” said Hintgen.

It is also a big part of Hintgen’s history, he is the mine superintendent at the Capital Prize Gold Mine in Georgetown. It is an actual working for-profit gold mine.

But Hintgen does not do what he does for gold. He does it for what it does for him and the folks who visit the mine. 

“What is interesting to them is that this is still an active mine. If you want to buy a Colorado shot glass, you need to go somewhere else. This is not a tourist trap,” said Hintgen.

But sometimes it is a miner’s trap.

“This is a mine collapse, completely totaled. It used to be all the way open to get back to the mother load at 3,200 feet,” said Hintgen referring to a section of the collapsed tunnel.

Hintgen lives in Georgetown as well, only two blocks from the Capital Prize Mine. His degree is in finance but life, like a gold mine, has many turns and challenges. He is very glad that he is here.

Hintgen does not own the Capital Prize Mine but he will tell you without hesitation this is his baby.