GEORGETOWN, Colo. (KDVR) — You may have seen them at Georgetown Lake off Interstate 70, vehicles racing on the frozen water. It looks crazy and it is crazy, crazy fun that is. 

His name is Kevin “The Boogie Man” Boog. He is one of 50 members of the Our Gang Racing Club where they do all their driving on, you guessed it, frozen H2O.

This “Boogie Man” is a Jeepster to the bone.

“I’ve got a 1960 Jeep CJ-3B. This 3B was found in a junkyard, I pulled 50 pounds of mud out of it, and it’s a Frankenstein,” said Boog.

The idea is simple, you take a vehicle, any vehicle. The club has seen Subarus, Teslas, and even a Bentley. If it has four wheels and is a four-wheel drive, then it qualifies to hit the ice.

Boog is proud of his ice-chewing modified Jeep.

“I am running a few more horsepower than what it did from the factory. But the engine I have in it is lighter than the engine that came out of it, and it is a V-8,” said Boog.

The key to ice racing is traction. When the Our Gang Racing Club began in 1976, they started with chains, then studded tires, then bolts in tires. You name it they have tried it.

And you can, too. The Our Gang Racing Club is always looking for a few good men and women who would like to do the dance of the daring.