WELD COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Ice fishing can be windy, cold and even monotonous at times. But for one Northglenn man, it is the most precious time of all because he does it with his family. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said this year is a good year to fish on the ice.

Cold temperatures and plenty of ice are great news for fishing. For Austin Parr and his wife Courtney, it was a pretty good first date too. 

“Our first date was on the ice 10 years ago,” said Austin.

“I was actually kind of nervous because I grew up in California and we never did this kind of thing, and I didn’t even know how to catch fish at that time,” said Courtney.

Austin knows his way around a fishing pole, he owns a tackle shop and has been on the water since he was fish bait.

Now, he is passing along this family tradition to his 3-year-old daughter Avery. Talk about daddy-daughter time. However, she thinks they’re just fishing. 

“Getting to spend time with her outdoors with something that I love is just awesome. I mean, we have been reeling in fish ever since she was barely old enough to grab the rod. So we have got a lot more to go,” said Austin.

As the Parr family tradition continues on this cold January day, fish are caught and memories are made. For Courtney, she loves fishing first and foremost, and for “being able to spend more time with family.”

And for the Parr family, that is what today is all about.