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CENTRAL CITY, Colo. (KDVR) — Just outside of Central City is the Central City Cemetery where hundreds of gold miners, cowboys and their families are laid to rest.

These are the folks who came to Colorado in the 1800s looking for a better place to live. It is not a scary place, but a place of Colorado history. 

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Josh Robinson was bitten by the western bug when he was just a kid. It was this passion, and a woman, that brought him to Colorado. The girl has since gone, but Robinson‘s love of the historic outdoors of Colorado lives on.

“I am the president of the Ghost Town Club of Colorado, and our purpose is to study and perpetuate knowledge and understanding of ghost towns in the state of Colorado,“ said Robinson.

Just above Central City lies not just one, but many cemeteries. 

”You’ve got thousands and thousands of people combing the hills everywhere looking for minerals,” said Robinson.

The Wild West has come and gone, but the history remains.

“We know their names. We might not know what they did, it may never have been recorded anywhere,” said Robinson.

Except, maybe here. The Central City Cemetery is not a scary place, it is the final resting place for the men, women, and children looking for a better life. So, did they find it?

“Some of them did, most of them didn’t,” said Robinson.

Just like us.