GRAND COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Located in Colorado near Winter Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Grand Lake, Snow Mountain Ranch has been a destination for people around the country who enjoy the outdoors. Snowshoeing, swimming, sledding, biking, and even dog sledding.

It is a method of transportation that is as old as, well, when man and dog decided to team up.

“It’s a partnership, a relationship that goes back centuries,” Tim Anderson, Snow Mountain Ranch outdoor coordinator, said.

And that relationship continues here at Snow Mountain Ranch in Grand County.

“With the dogs already having that bond with humans just as most dogs do, we take it to that next level,” Anderson said.

The technology is pretty much the same as it always was. 

“The breed we use here is an Alaskan husky. They are widely used by most people that are going to be competitive mushers,” Anderson said.

These snow dogs were born to cruise and are making no bones about it. But once underway, they are as quiet as a mouse in church.

Now while learning to ride, pay attention because someday you may want to come up here and try this yourself. For a fee, you can experience this.

Once underway, you will experience a feeling like no other. Trust me. 

“It’s almost like a primal experience, it’s just spiritual out there,” Anderson said.