BYERS, Colo. (KDVR) — There are a lot of ways to experience the Colorado outdoors. But how about going back in time to the Old West? Well, you can. Sort of.

It is called cowboy action shooting, and it is for lovers of Old West history. They learn to shoot Western-style firearms. But it ain’t just about shootin’.

Bill Hall, alias Sweetwater Bill, has lived in Colorado for 62 years. In ‘86, that would be 1986, he and a few others decided to travel back to the Old West. They founded the Sand Creek Raiders.

“Well, a couple of guys knew how to do cowboy action shooting and they said, ‘Hey, this is fun.’ So I went and watched and I was hooked,“ said Hall.

Cowboy action shooting has been around for 49 years.

“Everyone starts thinking of competition, and then they start history. They start authentic clothes, authentic guns, authentic holsters, and they watch every cowboy movie that’s ever been made,” said Hall.

The first thing you will notice if you go to a cowboy action shooting event is what the folks are wearing.

“I’ve got high boots on with fancy stitching. I’ve got some beautiful spurs, and I’ve got to have a jean-style pant on with a belt, vests, cuffs, and hat,“ said a cowboy who goes by the alias Blanco Perro.

And if you think for one second cowboy action shooting is not for the ladies, well then, you better think again, partner.

Rattlesnake Kate has been slinging lead for years now with the Sand Creek Raiders. So what is the draw for cowboy action shooting from a woman’s perspective?

“I think I was more nervous at first just getting out there, but the women are the ones that convinced me to get out and shoot,“ said Rattlesnake Kate.

The Sand Creek Raiders are always looking for new members. Owning or having experience in firearms is not required. Safety is number one with the Sand Creek Raiders and fun is number two. They do not let anybody shoot a firearm that has not been properly trained.

Now go on, get yer West on.