BRIGHTON (KDVR) — Most of us would be pretty lucky if we could say we really loved our jobs. Cory Kraft can say she loves what she does, and about the only time you will catch her indoors is to go to sleep. 

A lot of people pay a lot of money to get that perfect tan, but not Kraft. You could say it is one of the perks of her job in which she spends about 80% of her time in the Colorado outdoors.

“We are at Colorado Clays, and I am the manager,” said Kraft.

For 15 years, Kraft has been a “Jane of all trades” at Colorado Clays, a place where folks come to shoot clay pigeons, pistols and rifles.

“I am responsible for marketing, customer relations, event planning, and general everyday duties,” said Kraft.

She works to live and lives to work, and the outdoors is where she feels most comfortable.

Pretty good shot, too. Kraft actually learned to shoot here and said it was a positive experience. 

“Once I started working here, I began an interest in shooting and at first it was really intimidating. It was scary in the beginning, it was actually really intimidating,” said Kraft.

But once she got the hang of it, “it made it a lot easier, and it actually was very enjoyable,” said Kraft.

Working here and shooting here shattered some strong preconceptions for Kraft.

“We have a lot of female shooters in all disciplines, whether it’s handgun shooting or shotgun shooting, it’s actually pretty amazing how females have gotten into the sport,” said Kraft.

Kraft said there is just something about being outside, sometimes alone and sometimes with friends — but always with God, because she says this is God’s country.