COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — Ron Evenson still tees it up twice a week. After 40 years of playing the game of golf, he still navigates the fairways on foot.

“It really helps my health, and that’s mainly what I’m doing now. I come out and walk by myself,” said Evenson, a member at the Broadmoor Golf Club in Colorado Springs.

At 92 years old, Evenson is the Broadmoor Golf Club’s oldest walking member. He wouldn’t dream of using a golf cart.

“You don’t need (them),” Evenson chuckled. “Carts get you out of rhythm because you’re walking too fast, (I mean) riding too fast between shots.”

That’s sage advice from a man who shot his age at 68. Evanson can still score in the mid-80s. Not bad for a nonagenarian.

“Yeah it is, because I can get a tempo going,” Evenson said.

Once Evenson gets going, his game becomes a constant state of motion and conversation.

“Arnie (Arnold Palmer) and I were born the same day of the same year,” Evenson said proudly.

Whoever it was that said the phrase, “Golf is a good walk spoiled,” never met Ron.

“Well it’s still my very favorite game,” Evenson reflected. “Look at the beauty you’ve got here and can see every day.”

Spending time walking the golf course is a great way to spend the day, provided the younger generation can keep up.

“I think they need to walk 9 holes if they can,” Evenson said with a smile. “And keep walking.