OURAY, Colo. (KDVR) — It is a way to climb mountains that began in World War I by the Italian Army as a tactical way to move troops.

They call this method “via ferrata.” In English, it means “the iron path.”

“The original via ferratas were these rungs drilled into the wall so they could climb through it, and then there would be a team that would actually remove the rungs behind them so they can get the strategic position. It’s pretty wild,” said Logan Tyler, Basecamp Ouray founder and owner.

Tyler is the one who designed, built and guides the Gold Mountain Via Ferrata in Ouray.

“Colorado is kind of the hub for via ferrata in the country,” he said.

Opened for business in 2022, climbers traverse the mountain using hand and foot holds that have been drilled into the rock, perched high above the valley floor. Experience in mountain climbing is not required.

“That is the best part about via ferrata. It allows everybody to feel like a climber without having to quit their job and live in a van,” Tyler said.

Tyler’s company has partnered with Mountain Trip Outfitters to offer up three via ferratas in Colorado.

He said the experience is low risk but possibly high consequence.

There are inherent risks in that, but that is part of the adventure. You would not want to pay to go to a haunted house and not get scared,” Tyler said.

Taking people out of their comfort zone is empowering, Tyler said. We say that is Outdoor Colorado.