The Urban Cookie, located on Colfax Avenue, was founded by Denon Moore with the motto “spread joy, share cookies.”

The Urban Cookie proudly bakes traditional cookies, paying respect to each variety’s ingredients, unique qualities and textures as well as over-the-top flavors celebrating the more rebellious, nontraditional side to cookie construction.

The Urban Cookie is located at 2660 E. Colfax Avenue and is nestled in the beautiful & historic Savageau Building built in 1930. The building shares a hidden courtyard patio with neighboring businesses.

Signature flavors include Chocolate Chunk & Chip, Chocolate-Chocolate Chunk & Chip, Iced Cranberry & Oat, Rebellious Red Velvet, Amazing Peanut Butter, Rainbow Sugar, Sweet Snicky-do (snickerdoodle), Grandma’s Misfit *with a sweet hint of almond