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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday that would ban nearly all abortions if signed into law.

House Bill 4327 would prohibit physicians from performing abortions at any point in a pregnancy, unless it is necessary to save the pregnant person’s life. The bill would also allow private citizens to file civil lawsuits against any doctors who perform abortions, up to $10,000.

HB 4327 now moves to the Senate for a vote. If passed, the anti-abortion law would become one of the strictest in the United States.

The House Public Health Committee originally passed the measure earlier this month by a party-line vote before sending it to the Oklahoma House.

An Oklahoma Senate committee also passed five anti-abortion bills in February, including one that would ban abortions 30 days after conception, the Associated Press reported.

HB 4327, if passed, could also have the same effect on Oklahomans as it did for residents of Texas, where a similar bill was approved last year: Abortion providers in Texas’ neighboring states, including Louisiana and Oklahoma, had reported seeing a massive influx of Texas women seeking abortions.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.