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DENVER — Denver Fire officials say four victims were set on fire Thursday night, with one person suffering serious burn injuries, after a suspect sprayed flammable liquid on the victim’s clothing and then set those clothes ablaze.

According to police, a female victim was transported to the hospital in serious condition and was still suffering from life-threatening injuries Friday morning.

Three other people at a house located at 4335 Lipan St. suffered less serious burns, but paramedics also took them to a hospital for treatment.

As investigators comb her home for evidence, Chantel Ramirez was waiting for answers outside the yellow crime scene tape Thursday night.

“I got a phone call from my friends who told me to come home, something happened,” Ramirez said. “They said someone came in and wanted things and then set people on fire.”

Police say the two men used bug spray as an accelerant. Now Ramirez prays her loved ones are okay.

“My uncle was burned. My neighbor’s face got burned off. It was bad,” Ramirez said.

This is the third similar attack in just two days.

Wednesday night a suspect tried to rob a check cashing store near 3rd Ave. and Broadway and then tried to light the store on fire.

Suspects did the same thing to a check cashing location near 33rd Ave.and Champa St. Thursday. That was just 30 minutes before the attack on Lipan St.

“There are similarities and there are differences,” Denver police spokesperson Sonny Jackson said. “It’s too early to tell.”

Police are asking the public to be on the lookout for anyone who they may have seen with accelerant in the past few days.