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DENVER (KDVR) — October 2021 was warmer and drier than average in Denver. The month ended as the eighth driest on record for the city.

The map below shows the percent of average precipitation for the month of October. The areas in red across most of eastern Colorado indicate less than 50% of average precipitation fell in that time frame.

Luckily, some parts of western Colorado saw above-average precipitation. Most of these areas are in a severe to extreme drought, so it is great news to see above-average precipitation out west.

Denver finished the month with an average temperature of 53.9 degrees. This is almost 3 degrees above the average of 51.1.

On average, Denver sees about .99 inches of liquid precipitation in October. With only .08 inches in October 2021, Denver was about .9 inches behind the average.

Denver also only saw a trace of snowfall in October. The average October snowfall for the city is 4.1 inches.

Fall 2021 precipitation in Denver

Looking back over the last few months, this fall has been very dry for Denver. The wettest months of the year fell during spring, when March, April and May all had precipitation totals over 2 inches.