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DENVER — By foot, by phone and by Facebook, both the Obama and the Romney campaigns in Colorado are trying to reach every voter in a state where every vote matters.

Political analyst Eric Sondermann says voter turnout is everything. “It’s not a little thing right now, it’s everything. Who gets their troops to vote wins tomorrow.”

Obama campaign volunteers were walking door to door. Volunteer Antonio Esquibel says he and his partner have knocked on at least 500 doors. “What we want to do is get every person in the area we’re responsible for to vote.”

He adds, “We’re going to hit all the houses that have not voted four times tomorrow, we’re going to visit them until they vote.”

Judy Merkel is working just as hard at Colorado’s Romney campaign headquarters.

She says, “I’ve been going door to door and after I got done with that packet I came in to make phone calls.”

Both campaigns are offering to get people to the polls if they don’t have a ride.  Sondermann says, “The Republicans have the juice, the Democrats have the machine and that’s the battle.”

Both campaigns say they will keep working right up until the polls close Tuesday at 7 p.m.