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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — President Barack Obama delivered the commencement address Thursday at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony, the second time he did it during his presidency.

More than 800 cadets graduated with 28,000 attending the ceremony at Falcon Stadium. Obama shook the hands and saluted all of the graduates after delivering his speech.

In his remarks, Obama said Americans can’t be tempted to walk away from world conflicts but instead push leaders to engage with allies.

Obama said isolationism offers a “false comfort,” saying Pearl Harbor, the Sept. 11 attacks and recent terrorist attacks in the U.S. prove “oceans alone cannot protect us.”

“We can’t be isolationists. It’s not possible in this globalized, interconnected world,” Obama said. “In these uncertain times, it’s tempting sometimes to try to pull back and wash our hands from conflicts that seem intractable, let other countries fend of themselves.”

Obama also spoke at the Air Force graduation ceremony in 2012.

There was extra security at the academy because of the president’s presence, and the motorcade to get him to and from the ceremony caused traffic issues north of Colorado Springs.

Obama flew into Colorado Springs on Wednesday night. He will fly out of Peterson Air Force Base after the ceremony.