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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month which means now is the best time to schedule those mammogram appointments if you haven’t done so this year.

Dr. Savita Ginde, Chief healthcare Officer at STRIDE Community Health Center recently made the decision to undergo a double mastectomy due to her high risk of breast cancer and she shares her story on why it’s so important to schedule a mammogram.

Dr. Ginde says early detection is key when it comes to any time of cancer. That’s why it’s so important for women to not put off their annual mammograms. If there are any abnormalities, the doctors can come up with a plan to help decide what steps are best to take care of your diagnosis.

Stride has great programs including their Cancer Prevention and Early Detection (CPED) program through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Individuals who meet the following eligibility criteria have access to no-cost mammography services through this grant funded program:
Between the ages of 40 – 65 years;
Have a family income at or below 250% of Federal Poverty Level (currently $53,000 per year for a family of four);
Have no health insurance OR have public or private insurance that does not cover all necessary health care services, resulting in out-of-pocket expenses that may affect their ability to pay for or gain access to health care.
Here is how viewers can find more details about the CPED program: 
Call 303-7STRIDE (778-7433)
Visit our website at