Northglenn homeowner frustrated over inexplicable water damage inside her house

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NORTHGLENN, Colo. — After years of dealing with inexplicable water damage inside a home in Northglenn, a family contacted the Problem Solvers to get answers.

The Lindstrom family tells us no one has been able to figure out why it’s happening, until today. They say every time it rains from the West, their baseboards and parts of the floor get soaked. After dealing with the problem for 8 years with no fix, today they are one step closer to resolve.

“Over the last 7 or 8 years I’ve called people out to try and look and detect where the problem is coming from,” said Karen Lindstrom, homeowner. “I feel helpless, frustrated and angry.”

About a dozen repair companies have come out to figure out if it’s an inside or outside issue, but so far it’s remained a mystery. She said she didn’t contact the Homeowners Association because she though it was an inside issue and therefore her responsibility.

“People kept telling me it’s an inside problem. We’re covered by an HOA which is responsible for all outside repairs and the inside repairs are our problem,” said Lindstrom.

After getting information that it might be indeed the homeowner’s association’s responsibility, she contacted the Problem Solvers and the HOA. The association did send someone to check out the issue. According to Lindstrom, the company who came out told her they would let the HOA know it was an outside problem and they would be responsible for the repairs. That was several days ago, and today she finally heard from the HOA. They say they will fix the flooding issue.

The HOA tells the Problem Solvers the issue is being resolved with the homeowner. Lindstrom says she didn’t get an update from them until we arrived at her home Monday afternoon. She says she has not been told an exact date yet.

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