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  • Minnie the dog returned to grateful owner.(Credit: Boulder Police)
  • Safe in my owners arms.(Credit: Boulder Police)
  • Cat looks unsure about being saved.(Credit: Boulder Police)
  • Cat appears ready to escape from firefighter.(Credit: Boulder Police)
  • Police aids firefighter in pet rescue.(Credit: Boulder Police)
  • Firefighter soothes rescued feline.(Credit: Boulder Police)
  • Firefighters grab some water. (Credit: Boulder Police)
  • Firefighters enjoy fresh air after facing smoke filled condo.(Credit: Boulder Police)
  • Piece of structure burning on street.(Credit: Boulder Police)
  • Condo building in question.(Credit: Boulder Police)

Nearly 30 firefighters responded to a condo fire in Boulder today at 4125 47th Street.

No one was home, so there were not any injuries. Three pets were rescued and returned to relieved owners according to Boulder police spokesperson Kim Kobel.

What started as a deck fire, spread to the roof and caused extensive damage from smoke, fire and water.

The still undetermined cause is being investigated by fire investigators.

After three successful animal rescues, all pets accounted for and safe.

One cat was found in a master bedroom hiding behind clothes and another was hiding in a bathroom. One photo shows a cat being carried out by a firefighter and looks less than thrilled.