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DENVER — Charges have yet to be filed after video caught off-duty FBI agent Chase Bishop doing a backflip in a Denver nightclub, his gun few to the ground and the weapon accidentally fired when he went to pick it up.

A man in the crowd, Tom Reddington, was shot in the leg.

The Denver Police Department responded to Mile High Spirits Distillery at 2201 Lawrence St. early Saturday morning. Bishop was released to an FBI supervisor that night and not arrested.

Police say they are going to review how the case was handled. They’re not calling it an internal investigation, but it sounds like one.

“We’re not going to assume it was a bad decision. It was a judgment call by the folks who were there that night,” police spokesman Sonny Jackson said.

“They may have had a very good reason for that so we`ll wait until we get this investigation completed and we`ll ask those questions.”

Police anticipate there will be a decision any day about what charges Bishop will face. No one expects him to just walk away from this incident.

Sources tell the FOX31 Problem Solvers he will likely face second-degree assault.

Investigators want to talk to more witnesses and they want to know if the agent had been drinking alcohol.

Toxicology tests usually take about two weeks, but prosecutors are not expected to wait that long before making a charging decision.