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DENVER — A new jailhouse video of alleged brutality at the Denver jail has been released as another excessive force lawsuit was filed against the Denver Sheriff’s Department.

Deputy Thomas Ford is seen in a video from 2014 allegedly attacking an inmate.

Lawyers for the inmate claim there is a pattern of abuse at the jail, and they found the video of Ford allegedly beating an inmate.

Arash Jahanian is one of the lawyers for inmate Kyle Askin, who filed a federal excessive force lawsuit against Ford and the City of Denver this week.  Ford was seen in a 2011 video holding down inmate Jamal Hunter while another deputy choked him.

That case cost the city of Denver more than $3 million in a lawsuit settlement.  The newest lawsuit revealed another jailhouse surveillance tape of Ford allegedly beating an inmate in 2010.

“Thomas Ford should have been fired six years ago.  It’s emblematic of the problem that everyone knows about but Denver is incapable of fixing,” lawyer Qusair Mohamedbhai said.

He notes excessive force lawsuits have cost Denver millions of dollars.  And the mayor’s office has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on independent studies that call for major reforms at the Sheriff’s Department.

But Mohamedbhai said nothing has changed.

“The jail has not improved whatsoever,” he said. “They are simply throwing money at the problem, making press statements in order to appease the public.”

The city fired Ford after the 2014 incident, but the Career Service Authority recently gave him his job back along with back pay.

The city is appealing the decision and Ford is not currently working at the jail. But Mohamedbhai said the same city attorneys who agreed to fire Ford are not fighting the lawsuit.

“The mayor will get up in front of cameras and say how horrible it was, but his attorneys will stand up in court and say the complete opposite and defend Denver,” Mohamedbhai said.

The mayor’s office previously has said it is trying to push reforms and points out the Career Service Authority is rehiring fired officers.

But the civil rights attorneys don’t buy that and said the system needs to be completely torn down and revamped, and it’s up to Mayor Michael Hancock to make sure that happens.