Innovations for wounded warriors showcased at VA


AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — The Veterans Administration Eastern Colorado Health Care System showcased new ways that it says will improve the life of veterans dealing with service-related wounds and illnesses. 

For example, taking prosthetics to a new level.

“So these actually sense muscle activity in your arm, and basically you would be able to open and close the terminal device, rotate your arm,” said Mike Litavish, VA chief of prosthetic lab describing new hand prosthetic. “A lot of the sensors are going to be able to sense pressure where we couldn’t before.”

Then there is the electrical stimulation bicycle that will allow the rider with spinal cord injuries to actually pedal with their own muscles.

“Our software will trigger stimulation, electrical stimulation of the muscles of the leg,” said Dr. Marzloff, VA spinal cord physician. “The end result it will cause those leg muscles to move in the right sequence of contraction to allow that bike to move forward.”

Mobius Mobility will be donating to the VA what they call the iBOT personal mobility device. It looks like a wheelchair.

“It drives around like you would drive a rear wheel drive power wheelchair,” said Dawn Hameline, Mobius Mobility.

But wait, there is more.

“We are now in four-wheel mode which allows us to access terrain like grass and gravel and five-inch curbs,” said Hameline.

And here is something you probably have not seen any wheelchair do – elevate.

“The ground-to-seat height is over 35 inches high which allows me to be as tall as you are,” said Hameline. 

The $31,000 iBOT is actually balancing itself on two wheels using gyroscopes.

“It checks and finds my center of gravity and so the device is always working to stay balanced,” said Hameline.

Keeping veterans balanced – two wheels at a time.

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