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PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) – A hospital in Colorado is now using a new robotic machine that it hopes will make knee replacements better for patients.

Parker Adventist Hospital recently started using a ROSA Knee System to help doctors be more accurate during surgeries.

“We’re able to get live feedback through the procedure,” Dr. Derek Johnson, a surgeon and director of orthopedics at the hospital said.

Johnson has performed about 2,500 knee replacements and is happy to have the new machine help guide him.

“Traditionally with knee replacement, we use jigs and guides to help guide our surgery,” Johnson said. “Most of the surgery is done through feel and experience.”

He said a majority of the time it works out perfectly for patients, but occasionally the ligaments don’t line up just right.

That’s where ROSA comes in. It can help doctors make adjustments that are fractions of a millimeter.

Early reviews of ROSA show this can also help patients recover faster, according to Johnson.