New research shows married couples are in the minority in U.S.

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DENVER — If you’re single, it turns out, you’re now in the majority. More than half of all American adults are not married. When the government began tracking the number in 1976, only 37.4% of adults were single. Now, it’s about 51.2%.

In data compiled by the Martin Prosperity Institute using information from the Census Bureau and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Colorado fits right in the middle. But, the Denver metro area has a higher amount of singles.

Galena Rhoades is a Research Associate Professor at the University of Denver and a private clinical psychologist.

She said there could be a reason Denver is higher, but not as high as other cities, like New York. “Denver is a very young city. There`s a lot of people who are active and I think it`s probably a fairly easy place to meet people, but I think what happens is, it`s different from New York where there are a lot of young people who meet, and then they move away. In Denver those young people meet, marry and they stay.”

Eric and Genesis Netting had been dating for 15 years. They married four years ago and just welcomed a baby. Eric said, they “both entered the career world and wanted to make sure that we knew what we were doing before moving on with the rest of our lives.”

Much like Taylor Kuehn who said, “I feel like my 20`s need to be fun, and just, have fun and travel and not be held back.”

A sentiment also echoed by Tara Gonzales. She said she’s “focusing on my career and just focusing on myself until I’m ready for a family and ready to get married.”

So what does it all mean? Rhoades said, “What it really means is that we`re seeing less family stability.”

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