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DENVER — There is a new program offering insurance for bicyclists in Colorado.

On Thursday, Buddy Insurance announced a partnership with advocacy group Bicycle Colorado.

According to a press release, Buddy created the first and only on-demand crash coverage focused specifically on the active outdoor community.

According to a company spokeswoman, if you are not a competitive cyclist, coverage is $9.72 per day for a Colorado resident. A week of coverage would be $20.25 and a year of coverage would be about $600, which breaks down to just over $50 per month.

One local driver named Christina was recently in a crash with a cyclist. The cyclist was determined to be at fault, but he did not have insurance.

“It’s not fair that they can be on the roads, they don’t have to follow the same traffic laws, they don’t have to carry insurance like I am,” she said.

Cyclist Jennifer Mercado doesn’t see herself buying bicycle insurance anytime soon.

“I guess for me, it wouldn’t be something I would invest in because I pay attention when I bike,” she said.