The American Academy of Pediatrics declared a state of emergency with children and adolescent mental health. A new facility Imagine in Fort Collins offers offers primary mental health treatment for teenagers in a caring, outpatient setting.  

Adolescents are provided  Intensive Outpatient Programming, which includes three, three-hour sessions a week during the early evening. The program normally lasts six to eight weeks. This program provides an amazing dynamic team filled with experiential activities, including art therapy, music therapy, and outdoor activities like basketball. This program is all-inclusive of a psychiatric evaluation and medical screening to help with the struggles adolescents are facing, including socialization, anxiety, depression, and peer pressure to name a few. The last two years have been challenging on top of the everyday struggles.

The Imagine by Northpoint program is administered by a team of highly qualified providers who use evidence-based methods to deliver treatment. Imagine provides a trauma-focused program for adolescents teaching coping skills, offering medication management, and a variety of therapeutic approaches.