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LAKEWOOD, Colo. –Police have identified the two people involved in a deadly auto-pedestrian accident outside a Lakewood Wal-Mart onTuesday.

The victim is 51-year-old Frank Nelson of Colorado Springs and the driver is 81-year-old Charles Tatman of Lakewood.

On Tuesday, eyewitnesses said Tatman sped along West Fourth Avenue, failed to stop at a stop sign, crossed several lanes of Wadsworth Boulevard and then hit Nelson, who was standing at a bus stop. Nelson was pinned between Tatman’s car and the outside of the Wal-Mart store.

“He was at least going 50, maybe 60 mph,” said Matthew Woods, who was working across the street at the time of the accident. “We didn’t really hear him come by. The next we hear is, ‘Oh, my God, he just hit that guy.’ It was harder to see from over here across the street.”

Nelson, a father and grandfather, died at the scene.

Investigators haven’t said why Tatman was driving so fast or speculated as to how he could have hit Nelson. But they are looking into whether his age or mechanical failure played a role.

Tatman had minor injuries and was taken to a hospital. He wasn’t arrested but did receive a summons for careless driving resulting in death.