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DENVER — New homeowners expecting packages in the mail are getting duped into giving out their personal information.

Amanda Schmid and her husband are new to Colorado and homeowners for only two weeks.

This week, Schmid found a note on her door and box of promotional cards on her doorstep from a company called Metro Delivery.

Despite never hearing a knock or the doorbell, the note said “Sorry we missed you” and asked her to call a number on the front.

“I opened up my door and had a little card on my door saying sorry we missed you please call this number.  It had my husband’s name on it.  We both work from home. There’s no way we would have missed somebody and so we’re trying to figure out, are we waiting for any packages to arrive?” Schmid said.

Schmid did her research and found out that calling consents to the collection of your personal information, meaning the company and its clients can market to your cellphone, email and home address by the dozens.

“I don’t need people calling me. I don’t need people spamming my phone. I don’t need people coming to my house. It just, I’m very uneasy about the fact that my information is being given to everybody without my permission,” Schmid said.

There is no number listed for Metro Delivery.

We called the company on the promotion cards, nucards, that led us to a company called New Home Promotions. It said it collects public information on new homeowners in order to market products.

It also says a customer can opt out at any time.​