New evidence revealed in the death of Ashley Fallis

Tom Fallis during police questioning

Tom Fallis during police questioning

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DENVER -- There is new evidence in murder case involving former Weld County law enforcement officer Tom Fallis.

He was charged after FOX31 Denver reporter Justin Joseph's investigation revealed evidence implicating Fallis in the the death of his wife more than three years ago.

Now, Joseph reports about new evidence that has been uncovered in the case. It was collected in the hours after Ashley Fallis' death, but it was never tested by the Evans Police Department.

Tom Fallis has always maintained his innocence. Evans Police first ruled his wife's death a suicide.

But now sources tell FOX31 Denver powerful DNA evidence points in a different direction, and experts say this could be a game-changer.

TOM FALLIS: “I didn't shoot my wife.”
DETECTIVE:  “Tell me what happened then! Why do you have scratches on your body?”

Photographs of Tom Fallis' chest will be crucial to determining whether he killed his wife Ashley. Investigators knew that, and the night she died, they swabbed the marks for DNA and photographed them.

They also recorded Fallis as he tried to explain them away.

FALLIS: "I just told you.”
DETECTIVE: “Those scratches aren't from (scratching yourself)”
FALLIS: “Yeah it is! When you shave your chest you do this (scratching himself) all day!”

In his interrogation, Fallis maintains he never fought with his wife that night.

DETECTIVE: “There was somebody awake and they heard your argument with your wife. I'm asking you to explain that argument.”
FALLIS: “I didn't have one with my wife.”

Now we've learned exclusively that Ashley Fallis' finger nails tell a different story as investigators swabbed her nails also.

Sources confirm in the past few months those swabs of Ashley's nails tested positive for Tom Fallis' DNA calling into question whether Fallis lied that night.

DETECTIVE: “Why would she tell you to get off of her then?”
FALLIS: "I was never on her."

Sources also say late last year Tom Fallis produced two alleged suicide notes from his late wife nearly three years after her death.

His attorneys hope those notes will help them with an appeal as they try to get permission for Fallis to return to his home in Indiana.

“It’s suspect it took him so long to produce them,” said Jenna Fox, Ashley’s mom. “If anything they are probably notes from Ashley discussing her struggle as a wife and not her alleged intention to kill herself.”

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