New ECO-CYCLE app helps users decide if items can be recycled or composted

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BOULDER, Colo. — Eco-Cycle has created an “A-to-Z Recycling Guide” to let you know whether your items can be recycled, composted — or belong in the landfill.

The guide already existed online — but the new app is designed to make it as convenient as possible to find the best site to drop off your recyclables.

Boulder resident Mike Marinucci and his children are doing their part and to be better at recycling by delivering cardboard boxes in the bed of his truck.

“I want them (my kids) to enjoy the planet and the outdoors and have the space be clean and free of cardboard and glass and cans and stuff like that,” Marinucci said.

Boulder resident took a look at the new app on Saturday.

“I could have used this because very frequently I’ve had questions of ‘will they take it?’” Riksheim said.

Laura Perdew has been recycling since the 70s.

“You can just look at it and say ‘oh parchment paper. Oh, I can put it on my curbside. See, I didn’t know that — this is great,” Perdew said as she examined the app for the first time.

Perdew says the app would have come in handy in the past.

“Sometimes I’ll go — especially to CHARM (recycling center) — and they’ll say, ‘no we don’t take those.’ And I get that, especially with the cost of recycling.”

In 2018, China decided to stop buying certain types of recyclables and tightened restrictions on the scrap bales they’re willing to import — making the local market more saturated. Cost is especially important right now for Eco-Cycle.

“It’s a buyers market, not a sellers market. So we need to work harder than we’ve ever worked to have the cleanest materials,” said Marti Matsch, Eco-Cycle Deputy Director.

Matsch hopes the new app will save Eco-cycle money and time when it comes to sorting trash from recyclables.

“This helps us get materials we can actually recycle, we can actually sell to someone, and turn into something new. And it makes the materials we receive more valuable.”

The app is up and running and can also identify what items are compostable.

“I try to put nothing in my trash can so this will be really helpful,” said Perdew.

Take a look at that A-Z recycling guide: You can download the app by visiting the Apple’s App Store, or Android’s Google Play, and searching “eco-cycle.”


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