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In 1996, former Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter had just finished presenting months of evidence to a grand jury hoping to find answers about what happened the basement of the Ramsey home on Christmas night.

Now, investigators say the grand jury did think someone inside the home was responsible for JonBenet’s murder, and they are now coming forward.

FOX 31 Denver reached former Boulder First Assistant District Attorney Bill Wise by telephone, who said that in 1999, the grand jury handed up what is known as a “true bill” against the Ramsey’s.

Wise said Alex Hunter refused to sign the indictment, and that the indictment never happened.

“I thought it was a courageous decision because there was a lot of public pressure to charge the Ramsey’s, and we just didn’t have the evidence,” Wise said in an interview with the Boulder Daily Camera.

He said there were prosecutors in the office who disagreed, and wanted charges brought against the beauty queen’s parents.

In an interview with Bill Curtis, Hunter made it clear that he was not going to yield to the immense public pressure mounting on him.

“I’m not going to give into the crowd. I’m not going to do that,” Hunter said.

The Daily Camera now reports that several jurors who were sworn to secrecy have come forward anonymously confirming the reports.

One juror told the paper, “We didn’t know who did what, but we felt the adults in the house may have done something that they certainly could have prevented, or they could have helped her, and they didn’t.”

In 2008, Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy cleared the couple saying the DNA found in JonBenet’s underwear did not match the Ramsey’s.

Wise said that supports his belief that Hunter made the right decision.

He said the other problem is that the true bill implicated both Ramsey’s, and in the end, that would have been too difficult to prosecute.