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DENVER — It has been 13 years since Colorado had a new driver’s license design. But starting Tuesday, the state will roll out a new ID with a fresh design and improved security features.

It will start as a pilot program, but eventually, everyone who drives will carry the new license.

The state will be better able to fight back against identity thieves and other criminals with a new driver’s license, identification card and instruction permit.

“Most noticeably, I think customers will see that their photo will be in black and white that results from laser engraving and prevents duplication of the card and enhanced facial features,” said Lynn Granger with the state Department of Revenue.

Granger said laser engraving will also embed the customer’s information in the card. The window with the photo will be is semi-transparent, which is harder to duplicate. And the customer’s information is in raised print.

On the back, the state has added a third photo of the customer along with a metallic “C” from the Colorado state flag, the State of Colorado and Department of Revenue logos, and a design of the State Capitol with snowflakes in blue and green.

“We are really encouraging customers to hang onto license and identification cards, as both will remain valid through their expiration dates,” Granger said.

The DMV office in Littleton will begin offering the new driver’s licenses on Tuesday. Aurora starts March 9. Frisco will start March 11. In the next few months, every DMV office will offer the new driver’s licenses.