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Gov. Jared Polis recently signed a new bill into law that would lower the age to drive commercial motor vehicles here in our state.

This new law officially lowers the age for those to earn their license to drive CMVs from 21, which is the federal age limit, to 18 here in Colorado.

That means these drivers cannot cross state lines.

Supporters of this bill see this as a “win-win” situation – it can help the low-staffed trucking industry here in our state, as well as give a career option for those wanting to make money right out of high school.

State Rep. Barbara Mclachlan was a sponsor of the bill and she said she’s hopeful for a positive outcome, “So for right now, until the federal law changes, they can only drive from 18 to 21 in Colorado but we’re hoping that a federal aw comes through and they would be able to expand.”

Opponents argue some may not feel comfortable sharing the road with young adults who have only had their license for two to three years. Those drivers would be able to drive semis in the Rockies or a children’s school bus.