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NEW BERN, NC – Hundreds of people have been rescued in the Carolinas as rising waters flood neighborhoods.

In New Bern, North Carolina, a woman took to social media to as the water rose in her house.

“I sent the tweet, I didn’t expect it to go viral,” New Bern resident Breeanna Perry said.

Breeanna Perry sent a tweet in the middle of the night that likely saved her life, along with her mom and grandmother.

All was well in the New Bern neighborhood until 11:30 p.m. Thursday night.

“I came back in the house, we still had power, and everything, every body was okay, we were just in our rooms watching TV,” Breeanna Perry said. “I actually put my feet on the ground to go talk to my mom, and i start being shocked, and I realized there was water on the ground and we had to turn the power off and after that the water was just coming in within minutes.”

Perry called 911 to try and get help, but the city resources were jammed. The water was well inside the house now, and her family was forced to move to the attic.

Around 1:30 a.m. Friday morning, Perry took to social media writing, “our car is under water and so is our house.”

“I had my laptop up there, and I was charging my phone off my laptop, but when it died I was just saving my phone for battery,” Perry said.

The family stayed in the attic for hours, until the warriors that are the Cajun Navy showed up.

“At 6:00 somebody came walking down the street with a horn, and we basically walked about half a mile to the evacuation buses,” Perry said.

If being rescued from your flooded home isn’t bad enough, Perry and her family members made their way to a Kinston hotel, west of New Bern. That hotel started to flood Saturday morning, and they were evacuated once again.

The family is okay, but they’re struggling to find a safe and dry place to stay.