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Crime Stoppers app

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DENVER — Throughout history man has been a witness to crime.  But believe it or not, eye witness accounts can be very unreliable.

“If you’re the witness, or the victim, things can happen that tunnel vision suggests, that you’re going to forget things,” says Larry Stevenson, vice president of Metro Crime Stoppers.

But now a brand new smart phone app has been unveiled.  As a result, eye witness accounts have the potential of taking a real bite out of crime.

“The eye of the camera does not forget. We have a historical account of what has happened,” said Stevenson.

More information and how to get the free app available here

The new Crime Stoppers app will allow you, and your smartphone, to send pictures or video, send email, or contact your local police department online. To get it, all you have to do is download the app, for free, and then you’re good to go.

This new criminal justice conduit works both ways. Important information will be sent to you like Amber Alerts, “Medina” hit-and-run alerts, and officer involved shootings with suspect information.

The app is free and will work statewide, which is good news for you, bad news for the bad guys.

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