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DENVER — The man who chased backup Denver Broncos quarterback Chad Kelly out of his home says all he wanted to do was protect his family.

The party at the Gothic Theater was still going strong when a security guard believes he may have seen Chad Kelly leave the building.

Curtis Thompson said, “He was across the street and he walked back across the street, then when he walked back over the street, I thought he was going to get hit and he didn’t return.”

Kelly is charged with illegally entering this home sits a couple of blocks away from the Gothic Theater in Englewood

Mikhala Christine who was at the party said, “It was really fun there was a lot of music and dancing and everyone was just having a good time.”

Englewood Police say Chad Kelly walked in and sat next to the mother of a 2-year-old boy belonging to Marco Torres.

Torres said, “I tell you that much she was really, really scared… she was with my son on the couch.”

Torres told police the door was locked; it’s not clear how Kelly was able to get in.

Neighbor Michael Koblischke said, “… (he) just walked right in and that’s just weird dude. Yeah, that’s weird.”

There are still many questions about how Kelly ended up in a stranger’s home.

Another neighbor, Garen Fraley, said, “He’s got some other stuff going on maybe in his life that he needs to take care of.”

Both fans and neighbors just glad everyone is OK.