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BOULDER, Colo. — Neighborhood violence in Boulder involves the feeding of squirrels and a bullet to the buttocks.

It happened on Willon Lane in the Gunbarrel area on Thursday. Neighbors accuse 59-year-old Jon Marc Barbour of leaving pounds of peanuts all over the area for squirrels.

Neighbors said Barbour and another man got into an argument over the squirrels and fliers Barbour had put up that he accused the man of ripping down.

After an exchange of words, Boulder County sheriff’s investigators said Barbour shot the man in the buttocks then dialed 911 telling dispatchers he had just shot his neighbor.

“Over some seemingly trivial disagreement, the fact that somebody might shoot someone else over it is a little, I think quite surprising to … everyone in this neighborhood,” said Dave Weigan, who lives in the area and who is a park ranger.

Weigan said it’s not healthy to feed any wild animals. Other neighbors said peanut allergies that some kids in the neighborhood have also made the situation a dangerous one.

The victim, a man in his 40s, was still in the hospital recovering Friday night. Barbour remained in jail, charged with second-degree attempted murder and assault.