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DENVER — A simple Facebook post has turned into a community movement in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood.

“The political climate right now is just showing us a lot of hate and bigotry and so I just want to stand up and say that’s not what we’re about,” community organizer Emily Pugliese said.

She said she got the idea for lawn signs from a town in Pennsylvania. The blue signs feature the phrase “Hate Has No Home Here” written in English, Urdu, Arabic, Korean, Hebrew and Spanish.

“I think we’re an inclusive neighborhood. No matter gender, creed, religious, sexuality, you’re welcome here,” Pugliese said. “The point of the sign is just to represent against bigotry and against hatred.”

She asked neighbors on a community Facebook page if anyone else would be interested in purchasing signs. The response was a lot bigger than she expected.

“What I thought would be maybe an order of 50 signs turned into an order of 650,” she said.

On Sunday, volunteers assembled the signs in Park Hill. A near constant stream of neighbors came through to pick them up and put them in their lawns.

“It’s about having a welcome attitude and open minds toward people of all different backgrounds,” Emily Ragan said.

The goal is to have the blue signs blanketing front lawns across Denver as a symbol of love and inclusiveness.

“It needs to continue forward and so I’m hoping that will continue and that this is just the start,” Pugliese said.

In addition to the signs, the group raised enough money to donate $1,000 to Project Worthmore, a local nonprofit that helps refugees settle in Denver. They also were able to give an additional $350 to the ACLU of Colorado.