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GOLDEN, Colo. — A plan to build hundreds of homes on Applewood Golf Course is moving forward.

The developer, Applewood West Holdings, wants to build an active adult community for people 55 and older. The community would include 300 to 400 homes with open space and trails.

A lawsuit filed July 24 by the Applewood Property Owners Association says development can’t happen under the Minerals Preservation Act.

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Under the statute, rezoning areas containing a known commercial mineral deposit “in a manner which would interfere with the present or future excavation of such deposit by an extractor” violates Colorado law.

“I think the statute is going to shut (the developer) down,” Kathy Lower said. “Plus, the whole thing about an active adult community limited to people who are 55 is not enforceable by law.”

A group of neighbors against development said the land the golf course sits on is not suitable for housing because of the high potential of flooding.