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DENVER — Denver-based pot-infused manufacturing business Mountain High Suckers has voluntarily recalled over 100,000 units of marijuana products, the city of Denver announced Wednesday.

The recall is due to the presence of potentially unsafe pesticide residues, according to the City of Denver.

The recalled products are marijuana infused edibles consisting of suckers, lozenges and powdered candy, determined to have been derived from contaminated plant material purchased from Western Remedies and Rocky Mountain Farmacy, two cultivation facilities in Denver.

Samples of these marijuana infused products had residual levels of Imidacloprid and Myclobutanil, two pesticides the Colorado Department of Agriculture has determined cannot be used legally on marijuana in Colorado.

The Mountain High Suckers products subject to the recall were widely distributed to Colorado businesses. The City of Denver has a full list of the label information with identification numbers of all the products subject to the recall.

The Cannabist reports that Mountain High Suckers officials posted news Wednesday about the recall on its Facebook page:

“A couple of weeks ago it was brought to our attention that our products may contain pesticides that have been deemed unusable on cannabis,” the statement reads. “We decided to take a proactive step and submit samples of all of our products for pesticide testing so we can help make sure that our products are safe.

“Going forward, we will be voluntarily submitting every concentrate batch we make for full pesticide screening before we make products.”

The Facebook page was unavailable as of Wednesday at noon.

There have been no reports of illness and the possible health impact of consuming marijuana products with unapproved pesticide residues is unknown, the City of Denver said. Consumers with concerns about their personal health should contact their physician with related questions.

Consumers who have these recalled products should dispose of the products or return them to the store from which they were purchased. For more information about returns, Mountain High Suckers can be reached at or 303-733-3957.

Consumers with questions or concerns about recalled product or pesticide residues in marijuana products are encouraged to contact the product retailer and/or the DEH Public Health Inspections division at or 720-913-1311.