ELBERT COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A Colorado family is searching far and wide for their missing pet, a water buffalo.

In the Elbert County farm town of Agate, where cows graze and raise their young, a special part of the Perrys’ four-legged family is missing.

“Moochi, and we call her Mooch for short,” owner Laura Perry said. “She’s similar to a cow, a little bit longer nose, almost like a little hippopotamus bootie, and she’s buff color.”

‘Such a sweet girl’

At 14 months old, missing Moochi is about 900 pounds. Perry said she usually spends her days watching the little calves she lives with.

“She will lay with the baby. She won’t graze, she’ll literally stand in amongst the pile of them, and she’ll stand there until the moms can pick them back up again,” Perry said. “Such a sweet girl.”

A young water buffalo lies down and looks into the camera
“Moochi,” the missing water buffalo, disappeared from a family farm in Agate. (Courtesy of Laura Perry)

Her loving and loyal attitude is making it extremely hard for Perry to understand why she would just disappear on August 8.

“Absolutely no trace, there’s no trace of her,” Perry said. “There’s no footprints outside of the fencing. We have nothing. And the only thing we have is a tire mark outside of our bottom gate. I’m very concerned. I’m really concerned about where she is.”

Perry found the tire mark in front of a locked gate she said they never use.

“I mean, it’s possible she’s got into a bigger pasture and she’s just literally living her best life in another pond,” Perry said. “And it’s possible that she was taken maliciously. So we don’t know where she is. We’ve looked everywhere for her.”

Where’s Moochi?

The police and thousands of people on social media are now keeping an eye out while her owners share Moochi’s pictures and story, hoping to get her back.

“We’re not done looking. If she’s alive, we will find her,” Perry said. 

Perry reported Moochi’s disappearance to the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office and asked anyone with information to call as soon as possible.