DENVER (KDVR) — From Froot Loops to Cheerios to Frosted Flakes, people across the country are still filling their bowls with the classics.

Tuesday is National Cereal Day, and whether you put your cereal in the bowl first or your milk in first, there is no wrong answer. It just depends on who you ask.

Breakfast cereals date back to 1863, when a doctor by the name of James Caleb Jackson, who was also known as a “health reformer,” began experimenting at the health spa he ran with cold cereal as a remedy for illnesses, according to the Smithsonian Magazine.

What he came up with was “granula,” which wasn’t an immediate success. Then in the late 1870s or early 1880s, John Harvey Kellogg, who also operated a health spa, began using wheat flour, oatmeal and cornmeal to make his own version of granula. The American physician and businessman later renamed it “Granola,” which was his take on breakfast cereal, according to the magazine.

He became “largely responsible for the creation of the flaked-cereal industry,” according to Britannica.

Today, the largest cereal brand in the United States, according to research by Zippia, is Cheerios, with a revenue of $18.126 billion and 139.1 million boxes sold in 2021.

Largest cereal brands

Here are the 10 largest cereal brands, according to Zippia’s research:

  1. Cheerios: 139.1 million boxes sold
  2. Frosted Flakes: 132.3 million boxes sold
  3. Honey Nut Cheerios: 129.3 million boxes sold
  4. Honey Bunches of Oats: 111.3 million boxes sold
  5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch: 105.2 million boxes sold
  6. Lucky Charms: 86.4 million boxes sold
  7. Froot Loops: 91.7 million boxes sold
  8. Frosted Mini-Wheats: 71.3 million boxes sold
  9. Life: 58.1 million boxes sold
  10. Fruity Pebbles: 54.1 million boxes sold

What is the best cereal?

What is the best cereal? It is all about personal preference. Some days you might feel like something fruity, and other days, you might prefer to have something chocolatey.

It also depends on what criteria you use — taste, health factors, and even how well it holds up to the milk!

Whichever you decide is your favorite, enjoy it!