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WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump spoke out against Common Core again on Tuesday.

During his campaign, Trump said he would end Common Core, and called the math and English language arts standards “a disaster.”

“Common Core to me is, we have to end it,” the president said Tuesday at a town hall event in Washington. “If you look at so many elements of education, and it is so sad to see what is coming, happening in the country.”

While many parents, students and teachers likely agree with Trump, it might be a problem he can’t solve. As the Los Angeles Times pointed out, the president doesn’t have the power to repeal the standards.

“The federal government can’t get rid of Common Core — because it’s not a federal law or initiative,” the Times reported. “Although it’s true that the Obama administration did promote participation in the standards, a group of governors and nonprofits created Common Core.”

The Washington Post also questioned Trump’s ability to follow through on scrapping the standards.

“The federal government can’t order states to drop the Core, given that they were adopted by state departments of education or legislatures,” the Post reported.

Trump went on to say that education standards need to be managed on a local level.

“We can’t be managing education from Washington,” Trump stated.