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NEW YORK — In the world of online dating, new research proves that money and financial success might play a bigger role in finding love than many would like to admit.

According to a survey by, almost 2 in 5 U.S. adults said knowing someone’s credit score would affect their interest in partnering with that person.

Research shows women are the greatest offenders in the dating money grab.

Thirty-five percent of men said a plummeting score would influence their decision to date, while 50 percent of women said a low score would nix a partner from their possible dating pool.

The survey took the pulse of the opinions of 1,000 U.S. adults in late April.

Highlights of the survey include the importance of credit scores to millennials.

Daters falling in the age range of 27 to 36 are most likely to factor financials into dating, while younger millennials in the 18 to 26 age range say credit scores have no impact on choosing a partner.

Pamela Sisson, a 39-year-old living in New York, said men with bank accounts in the red could raise a big red flag.

“Bad credit could point to deeper issues of irresponsibility,” she said. “They may be unstable in other areas of their life.”

The timeline for sharing financial information with a potential mate varied widely among those surveyed.

Six percent said they would reveal their credit scores within the first few dates.

Thirty-seven percent determined the details should be disclosed after dating several months, while the same number said the information shouldn’t be exchanged until after a ring is involved.

Maggie Baker, author of “Crazy About Money,” told Bankrate that “money is the No. 1 stressor in most people’s lives. Being honest and transparent about money is important.”

CreditScoreDating, an online dating forum operating since 2006, allows users to filter out the bankrupt from those making bank.

Subscribers are asked to enter their credit scores in lieu of the standard hobbies and interests that might be found in the biographies of users on other dating sites.

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