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PARIS — French authorities say a woman in the latest video released by French-speaking ISIS fighters may be Hayat Boumeddiene, who is believed to have knowledge about the deadly January 9 attack on a Paris kosher grocery, a source close to the investigation said.

The video, titled “Blow Up France 2,” was released Tuesday and shows an ISIS fighter praising previous attackers in France and calling for new attacks. The video shows a woman standing next to the speaker, wearing camouflage clothing and holding a weapon.

“French authorities are investigating the possibility this woman could be Hayat Boumeddiene,” the source said.

Authorities believe Boumeddiene is now in Syria.

Four people were killed January 9 when Amedy Coulibaly took them and other civilians hostage inside a kosher grocery in Paris. Boumeddiene was a known associate of Coulibaly.

The attacker was killed by police in a rescue, and the remaining hostages fled to safety.

The grocery store attack followed the January 8 attack by Islamic gunmen on Charlie Hebdo, a satire magazine. The next day, a French police officer was killed.

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