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DENVER — A group calling themselves “Return of the Kings” that has come under fire for a message that some say advocates for rape has canceled a series of meetings scheduled around the nation after public backlash.

In an announcement posted on its website, the group stated that it is canceling meetings scheduled for various locations on Saturday. A previous posting indicated some of those meetings would be held in Denver and Boulder.

“I can no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend on February 6, especially since most of the meetups can not be made private in time,” the post states. “While I can’t stop men who want to continue meeting in private groups, there will be no official Return Of Kings meetups. The listing page has been scrubbed of all locations. I apologize to all the supporters who are let down by my decision.”

Blogger Daryush Valizadeh is known for his controversial books that advise men on the best methods to have sex with women and advocates that rape be made legal inside a private home.

Valizadeh, better known as Roosh V, runs the website Return of Kings that planned to host 165 events in 43 countries.

The author states that if rape was legal on private property, women would “protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone. If rape becomes legal, a girl will not enter an impaired state of mind where she can’t resist being dragged off to a bedroom with a man who she is unsure of.”

The crux of the argument made in the post seems to be that if women were to fear rape at all times, they would never spend time alone with a man who they weren’t willing to have sex with, and thus rape would be eliminated because, in the author’s view, women would no longer be in compromising situations.

The author has since taken to Twitter, where he states the post was satire and that he and his supporters do not advocate for legalizing rape.